About us

Granchio is an offspring of Italian creativity enhanced by innovative technologies.

The brand’s history began with several lines of kitchen appliances. Granchio cookware possesses hot Italian temper: elegant and fascinating, beautiful and stylish Granchio is a modern concept of colorful cookware with décor introducing bright emotions and impressions into your everyday life. 

Developing speedy, Granchio Company expands constantly the range of its products, and today it has already gone out of kitchen area.  Nowadays, Granchio offers you not only kitchenware but also wide range of household goods helping to keep your house in order and clean. Granchio is an embodiment of advanced manufacturing sciences and design technologies, which make your life easier. Henceforth kitchenware and household goods are not soulless tools in your hands any more. They get co-authors of your bright culinary ideas, as well as give an individual style, vivid and modern look to your kitchen.