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It is time for vivid and rich colors in your kitchen! MelaVerde is a combination of unique design and classical technologies, juicy colors and beautiful shape. Good humor and tasty dishes are guaranteed!
  • Superior multilayer non-stick coating Whitford QuanTanium®, reinforced with titanium, safe for heath and resistant to metal utensils use
  • Exterior silicone coating, easy to clean
  • Ergonomically designed stay-cool bakelite handle for comfortable grip
  • Stainless steel lid with steam hole
  • Suitable for halogen hob
  • Suitable for glass-ceramic hob
  • Suitable for gas stove
  • Suitable for electric hob
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Superior multilayer non-stick coating Whitford QuanTanium® contains unique mixture of titanium particles that ensures its exceptional reliability. Thanks to internal titanium reinforcement, QuanTanium® becomes highly resistant to scratching and abrasion, as well as to metal kitchen utensils use, and acquires excellent non-stick properties.


Coating is manufactured without potentially dangerous PFOA, offers advanced non-stick properties and is absolutely safe both for your health and for the environment.


Ergonomically designed stay-cool bakelite handles make the kitchenware even more convenient, safe and simple to use. Bakelite is a heatproof material with temperature resistance up to 180°C, however, should not be used in the ovens.